There will be daily schedules provided in order to sign up for activities as well as “classes” taught by the attendees. This is a sample schedule from last year’s ICUC. Activities vary depending on the day, and night activities include going to the Jackson Hole Rodeo or enjoying the night at the Antelope Trails Ranch.

“School” and the Big Idea

In the afternoon and early evening, the guests of the un-conference will attend “school.” These classes will be lectures, discussions, explanations of new technologies, etc, that the attendees would like to share or discuss with the other guests of the un-conference. Classes will be about an hour long, and will take place throughout random locations on the Ranch, depending on the lecture’s needs. If an attendee is interested in teaching, leading or presenting a class, they can sign up on the whiteboards, and the guests will attend as they desire. There will be about 9 a day, after lunch and before dinner. Right after school is out, the guests will attend the Big Idea Hour. This is the time where a few selected guests will present or lead a discussion about specific things prevalent in the world today, be it technologies, politics, or otherwise. All guests attend the Big Idea Hour, and it is generally open to questions and discussion afterward. In the past, attendees heard Jim Wolfensohn speak about the future of the world economy as well as T. Boone Pickens discuss energy.

User-Generated Entertainment

After dinner, the un-conference generally sees that there are a few hours of play-time. Programs might include a talent show where opportunities to show off hidden human or technological talents present themselves. Guests are encouraged (and asked) to prepare something to share, be it a cool new gadget, a video they’ve created or found, or a unique talent. In the past, we’ve seen advertisements, lectures, and alarm clocks that come to life. It’s a time to share, and show off.


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